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What Business Owners Should Know About Grease Trap Maintenance

An overflowing grease trap is a serious maintenance concern, but your plumbing service in San Francisco can help you take care of yours. Taking care of your grease trap is imperative if you want your employees to be comfortable in the workplace and your customers to enjoy their experiences. Business owners are required to service their grease traps in order to meet local codes and regulations, and the process should involve a professional plumbing service. Continue on for a brief overview of what business owners should know about grease trap maintenance.

The Importance

Clogged drains can make it difficult to use your plumbing systems efficiently, but overflowing grease traps can cause more serious problems. Firstly, too much grease building up in a grease trap will create unpleasant odors. This can make it difficult for your employees to work in the kitchen in comfort. Since nobody wants to smell foul odors while they’re trying to enjoy their food, this can also drive customers out of your establishment. A buildup of grease can even lead to a fire, endangering your employees, your customers, and yourself. Stay on top of grease trap maintenance to prevent these problems.

The Rules

Having your plumbing service help you with grease trap pumping isn’t exactly an optional experience. There are rules, codes, and regulations that require business owners to clear out their grease traps in order to avoid the potential complications that come with a full trap. Your plumbing service can help you maintain your grease trap so you stay up to code and don’t let your waste flow into the municipal water system. If you don’t abide by the rules, you could find yourself paying fines that could have a serious financial impact on your small business.

The Process

Your plumbing service will start by measuring how much fat, oil, and grease is currently in your grease trap in order to tell what kind of schedule you should be on. Then, they will pump your waste out so the technician can dispose of it properly, before thoroughly cleaning out your grease trap.

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