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What Causes Septic Tank Emergencies?

If your septic tank in San Francisco works fine, then you might not run into too many plumbing problems. A septic tank can’t take care of itself, though, and an emergency might spring up if it goes too long without the maintenance and cares it needs. Faulty septic systems can create toilet backups, whether they’re from the leach field or due to an obstruction in the septic tank line. Forgetting about your septic system and letting the grease trap overflow are surefire ways to create serious plumbing problems. Keep reading to see what causes septic tank emergencies.

Toilet Backups

Waste that travels through the septic system has a long journey ahead. It starts in your bathroom and kitchen appliances like sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, and then goes through the sewer line into your septic tank. Once it filters through the first chamber, it moves onto the next and eventually out into your drain field. The drain field, or leach field, is made up of pipes and rock, and it’s the area where treated waste flows back out of the system and into the ground. If there’s a problem with your leach field, waste may end up backing up out of your toilet. Talk to your professional about this septic tank emergency.

Septic Tank Line Issues

The septic line takes your wastewater from your home to your septic tank, but sometimes there are interruptions in between. Your sewer line is prone to many threats, from the trees that grow in your yard to the shifting of the earth. Even remodeling can disturb your plumbing system and cause problems. Avoid septic tank emergencies by installing root guards to keep tree roots away from your sewer lines and calling your professional if you think there’s a leak or a similar problem.

Lack of Maintenance

Septic tanks need maintenance. If you don’t clean out your grease trap and protect your sewer line, you could run into regular backups and even more extreme septic system issues. Your plumber can hydro jet your sewer line to clear it out, but you should maintain your system to avoid these problems in the first place.

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