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What Happens When You Put a Diaper in an Airplane Toilet

Flying with a baby or toddler is rarely easy. Not knowing how to change a diaper on a plane makes it even trickier. If you’ve never done it before, become familiar with the dos and don’ts of changing diapers on planes before you depart for the airport. That way, the airline doesn’t have to request emergency services from A-1 Tank Service in San Francisco. Our septic specialists are happy to help out with the airplane’s clogged holding tank, although we regret any inconvenience to the passengers caused by the delay.

Reasons to Avoid Flushing Diapers

Diapers are pretty bulky, but even smaller items like sanitary pads should never be flushed in any toilet, regardless of whether it’s in a plane or on the ground. A diaper will undoubtedly always clog the pipe. The only acceptable things to flush are toilet paper and human waste.

Methods of In-Flight Diaper Changes

It’s hard to imagine that any airline would overlook the necessity of changing tables, but many of them do. If you’re on a shorter flight or an older plane, there’s a strong possibility that there will be no changing tables. Even when a plane does have them, they might not be available in all the lavatories. Call the airline ahead of time to inquire. After you’ve boarded, you can also ask the flight attendant which lavatory has a changing table. If you must change a diaper without one, you’ll likely have to lay a disposable changing pad on the closed toilet seat. Since quarters will be very cramped and movement will be difficult, plan to take extra care to clean your baby’s rear after the flight.

Ways to Dispose of Diapers on a Plane

Instead of flushing dirty diapers and disposable changing pads, seal them in an airtight plastic bag. Then, discard the bag in the trash. Most planes do have trash receptacles in the lavatories. If your lavatory doesn’t, you can find a flight attendant who isn’t currently serving refreshments, and ask where you can dispose of the bag. Remember to bring extra sealable bags and disposable changing pads.

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