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What Is A Clarifier Tank?

Your septic system may rely on a number of components in removing wastewater from your home or place of business. A clarifier tank is one such component that should be a part of your septic system inspection in San Francisco. The specific purpose of your clarifier tank is to limit the amount of contamination brought to the public sewer system by filtering your wastewater. Read on if you are interested in taking a closer look at what exactly a clarifier tank is.

Since you rely on a professional septic system inspection company to service your septic tank, drain field, and clarifier tank, you may not be aware of the separate components that allow them to operate properly. The clarifier tank breaks down into the effluent system, drive unit, and sludge removal system. The effluent system makes up the bulk of your clarifier tank and ensures that contamination is removed from your wastewater. The drive unit powers your clarifier, and the sludge removal system is responsible for evacuating sludge from the bottom of the clarifier tank. It is important to have these components inspected and serviced on a regular basis to ensure their proper functioning and avoid contaminating public water.

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