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what is a video camera inspection

What is a Video Camera Inspection?

Overview: What is a Video Camera Inspection?

People call us when they suspect something suspicious is going on with their grease traps, storm drains, septic tanks and pipelines. We always recommend doing an inspection to get a better understanding of the situation. Most of the time we use video camera inspections to do the job.

Whether it is a busted pipe or a suborn clog, video camera inspections help us decide the best course of action. This technology is very flexible and helps us see inside areas that are not readily accessible. These inspections are noninvasive, this means there is no digging required. Video camera inspections are performed by our experienced technicians.

What are some things a video camera inspection reveal?


HOA, Apartment, and Commercial Properties

It can be very inconvenient when storm drains are not draining. We perform offer complete sewer drain services. If your drains are causing standing water, this could be a liability. Standing water is not only a trip hazard, but it is also unsanitary. Our video camera inspection service can help you pinpoint what is holding up your storm drain line.

If you are a restaurant owner, to maybe even more frustrating if your pipelines are backing up. When we perform video camera inspections, it can help us find the source of problems and give you enough information on prevention.

For example, if we notice that there is excessive grease build in your pipelines, we would give some recommendations. We would recommend the installation of a grease trap. If a grease trap is not an option, we would help you find a way to catch the grease before it enters the lines.

Residential Homes

Just like commercial buildings, video cameras should be utilized in residential homes. Sometimes the “Plumber in the Bottle” stuff doesn’t work on your drains. What gives? Clogs can run deep in your pipes and it is frustrating when you can’t seem to pinpoint the location.

This is when video camera inspections come in handy. The flexible video camera reports back live feed to our technician to help you see what work needs to be done.


What are some benefits of a video camera inspection?

For commercial, HOA communities and apartment buildings, video camera inspections are very important and should be done bi-annually if the sewer line is older than 10 years. For newer sewer lines, we recommend once a year.

Some benefits of inspections include:

  • Get a firsthand view of the integrity of your pipes
  • Be able to see blockages and debris before it becomes a problem
  • Locate tree root intrusion
  • Locate pipe leaks
  • Reduce the number of emergency calls
  • It is non-invasive – no digging!


What is the process?

A video camera inspection is performed using a waterproof video camera attached to the end of a long, flexible rod. The rod is inserted into the pipe and pulled through the entire line. The camera sends back clear images that can be used to diagnose the problem and pinpoint its exact location inside the pipe. These images can be saved for future reference.

Once your sewer line inspectors have determined what the problem is, they can recommend a repair. In some cases, the problem will require only a simple and straightforward fix. In other cases, it may be determined that the condition of the entire sewer line is poor enough to warrant a complete replacement.


Where do I start?

Our team has been providing the San Francisco Bay Area and its surrounding counties with the honest septic tank, grease trap, and sewer line services. Our success with our customers is solely due to us strive to be the best in the business.

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