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What Is an Effluent System?

When your septic tank system connects to a municipal sewer line, it is important to make sure that your wastewater is properly treated before it leaves your property. As you are designing your commercial septic system in San Francisco, your septic tank service team may recommend that you include a clarifier in your septic system design. A clarifier will remove harmful contaminants from your wastewater before it is pumped to the municipal sewer line. After your clarifier has been installed, you will need to make sure that its effluent system is properly maintained.

The effluent system in your septic system clarifier is responsible for filtering harmful contaminants and debris from your wastewater. Over the weeks and months, your effluent system can get very clogged with solid debris and residue. To keep your clarifier up and running, it will be necessary to gently brush the surface of your effluent system in order to remove contaminants.

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