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When Should You Get Your Septic Tank Pumped? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A septic system can provide years of service, as long as it is properly maintained. One of the most important things you can do to keep your system in good working order is to have it pumped regularly. Most septic systems need to be pumped every two to four years, but yours may need service more often if you have a garbage disposal. Between regular septic tank cleaning services, be vigilant about the signs of a septic tank failure, such as slow drains and standing water in your yard, and arrange a septic system inspection if you experience any issues. Learn more about the importance of septic tank cleaning in this infographic fromĀ A1 Tank Service. We provide septic tank treatment in San Francisco and can help you avoid a system failure. Help your friends and neighbors who also have septic systems understand what kind of maintenance they need by sharing this information.

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