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When to Call for Emergency Septic Tank Service

If your home is not connected to the municipal sewer lines in your area, there is a high likelihood that your plumbing system contains a septic tank. While septic tank installation provides safe and sanitary wastewater disposal, your septic tank can cause major issues if it is not maintained correctly. A company that offers septic tank maintenance near San Francisco will be on call to help you in the event that an unexpected septic emergency arises in your home. Here is an overview of three signs that you need to schedule emergency septic services.

Your Drains and Toilets Are Backing Up

One sure indication that you are in need of emergency septic repair is when you start to notice that the drains and toilets around your property are beginning to back up into your home. When your drains are backing up with septic waste, they may start to emit a foul, sulfurous odor. To protect your family from exposure to the hazardous septic waste, you will need to have your backup repaired immediately.

Your Drain Field Is Flooding

In certain cases, emergency septic problems may not appear on the interior of the home. If you start to notice excess amounts of water pooling in the drain field around your septic tank, this is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your septic tank. If your septic tank becomes clogged or otherwise compromised, it can start to spill raw sewage into the surrounding drain field.

You Can Hear Your Septic Alarm

Some modern septic systems are equipped with alarms, which are designed to go off when a maintenance emergency is detected. If you start to hear your septic alarm sounding, you should not wait to contact your emergency septic service company. A septic system alarm could indicate a leak in the tank or a clog somewhere in your septic lines. Your technician will have the knowledge and diagnostic tools needed to figure out what is going on with your system.

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