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Why Grease Trap Cleaning is Important

Did you know that it’s your responsibility to keep your grease trap clean? Once the grease trap becomes full, grease from your kitchen can enter the municipal water system and you can face significant fines from regulatory authorities if they identify your restaurant as the source of the water pollution. More than that, it’s important to keep grease traps clean to prevent foul odors from building up inside your restaurant that can keep customers away and make your employees miserable. A grease trap can also catch fire if it gets too full, so regular grease trap cleaning is as much about the safety as it about anything else.

The good news is that while you’re responsible for maintaining your grease trap you aren’t responsible for cleaning it yourself. There are grease trap cleaning companies in San Francisco that can pump your grease trap in no time and identify minor issues before they become much bigger and much costlier problems. Look for a grease trap service company in the Bay Area that measures the level of fat, oil, and grease (FOG) in your grease trap so you can establish a reliable maintenance schedule as a result of your specific needs.

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