Why Grease Trapping Is a Must for Commercial Kitchens

If you operate a commercial kitchen, chances are that you are familiar with your grease trap and how it functions. In fact, local health and safety regulations mandate that all commercial kitchens manage their excess cooking oil and grease through the use of a grease trap system. Your grease trap needs to be pumped at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains functional for all of your cooking and kitchen prep needs. A company that offers plumbing service near San Francisco can help you maintain your grease trap properly.

When your grease strap starts to show signs of clogging or overflowing, be sure to get in touch with your plumbing service professionals right away. Using hydro jet cleaning, your plumbers will be able to safely and effectively remove any blockages from your grease trap system. By keeping your grease trap functioning properly, you can rest assured that your restaurant’s kitchen will pass your next health inspection.

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