Why You Need to Clean Your Grease Trap

Grease trap cleaning near San Francisco is not optional; failing to maintain your grease trap can come with a multitude of hazards, some of which may be extremely severe. A dirty grease trap is a fire hazard, which you never want to experience. It can also create an unsafe and uncomfortable work environment as well as threaten the health of your surrounding community. Find out why you need regular grease trap cleaning by continuing on.

Practice fire safety.

Fire prevention should always be near the top of your list when it comes to workplace safety, and cleaning your grease trap is a crucial aspect of fire safety. A grease fire can be particularly difficult to deal with; spraying it with water can cause the grease to spread, forcing the fire to do the same. The longer you wait to clean your grease trap, the more grease will build up. In turn, you will experience an elevated risk of experiencing a grease fire. A fire is dangerous for employees, customers, and the building where you work. Keep all parties safe by scheduling grease trap cleaning on a regular basis.

Maintain a safe and comfortable workplace.

A grease fire is not the only safety hazard that can come with a neglected grease trap. Failing to maintain your grease trap can lead to a reduction in your indoor air quality, which comes with problems of its own. Poor air quality can make life difficult for those with respiratory issues, and it can also make the space uncomfortable. A dirty grease trap will typically lead to an unpleasant aroma that can make employees and patrons alike have a hard time staying in your establishment.

Protect your community.

Your grease trap works to keep your grease out of the public water system, which is important for the health of your community. An overflowing grease trap can leak grease into the public water. There are certain entities that regulate the municipal water system and seek to determine where contaminants come from; they may fine you if they find you at fault for the grease.

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