Your Options for Distribution Boxes

During a septic installation, you will need to pick out all of the different features that will be used in your septic system. One of the essential elements of a septic system is the distribution box. After the water has been processed in the septic tank, it will be sent to the distribution box so that it can be evenly delivered throughout the drain field. To determine what type of distribution box will be right for your property, you will want to consult with a company that specializes in septic installation near San Francisco.

Your septic tank installers may offer two different sizes of distribution boxes. A 12-inch distribution box is extremely versatile and suited for use on both residential and commercial properties. Using different seals, you can adapt the 12-inch box to a variety of systems. For larger properties or golf courses, a 20-inch distribution box may be required. This size of the box can be paired with pipes that are up to 6 inches wide.

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